6 Ideas for an Autumnal living space


Phil Collins

Summer is leaving us. The orange glow of the summer sun is waning. In its wake, cooler evenings set in and the leaves start to fall and crisp.

With the energy of summer fading, don’t be disheartened. There’s a sure-fire way to warm yourself up in the final stretch before winter arrives. A new autumn inspired look for your home!

Autumn brings with it a pallet of colours that inspire a cosy, warm feeling for every room in your home.

Here are a few ideas to help transform your home into an autumn paradise taking advantage of all the things Autumn does so well:

Warm Accent Colours

Be brave and bring some warmth to all-neutral schemes with warming terracotta tones. Whilst a neutral base on walls and ceiling provide a great background, taking the extra step and being bold, you can take the chill out of the neutral colours with some hearty brick colours.

Woodland Theme

There’s no better time of year to walk through the forest. The sun shining through the orange leaves that crinkle underfoot. Bring the magic of the woodland into your home by using chestnut and burnt umber tones. Woodland prints can be your focal point that catches the eye, and the imagination, of everyone who sees it.

Try bold checks in Rusty orange and grey to have a cool/hot balance that reflects the fluctuating sunshine of the crisp autumn days. Paired with an animal theme your woodland theme will be brought to life.

Fireside Comfort

Nothing evokes the feeling of winter than being sat in front of a crackling fire. If you’re lucky enough to have one it should be made the focal point of your living space. Surrounding it with rich earthy colours will make the room feel naturally cosy all the time, even when the fire is off. Russet red walls will surround you with warmth and comfort and accents of copper and wood will make the room feel inviting.

Faux Finish

It’s easy to mimic the country scheme with fake exposed brick prints. These clever lookalike wallpapers give your scheme instant texture. Take it a step further by integrating autumnal colours with red brick. 

Take off the Chill

Grey colour schemes that provided a cool feel through summer months may now be feeling a little too chilly. Going into autumn too much grey will leave a room feeling cold. This is easy to counteract by bringing in warmer woody tones. Offset the chill with warm autumn wallpapers.  

Add Character

Turn your main wall into an eye popping headliner with a mural style print. Aged-map murals turns into a neutral room into something memorable. Vintage-looking sepia-toned designs will add to the autumnal feel of the room and adds instant warmth and character.

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