How Black Wallpaper Can Transform Your Interior


Phil Collins

When you sit down and start planning exactly how you’d like your interior to look, the thought of using black wallpaper probably won’t be at the forefront of your mind. You might be leaning towards creamy colours or more vibrant tones, as you seek to ensure your walls are creating the right sort of atmosphere.

However, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of using black wallpaper. Many homeowners believe that this kind of colour scheme will create a gloomy, almost melancholy environment that doesn’t allow much light into their homes.

On the contrary, black wallpaper looks absolutely incredible in almost every room of the house, and can work wonders in transforming your interior and helping you make a statement.

  • Contrasting Colours

When we say that black wallpaper can transform an interior, it’s safe to say that it can’t accomplish this all by itself. Your choice of furniture, lighting and even carpet should offer completely contrasting colours, which will complement the black wallpaper perfectly and provide you with a unique aesthetic.

Cream coloured sofas, light wooden flooring and white wall art are all perfect ways to make the most of your black wallpaper and make your interior really pop. This bold look will certainly have guests open-mouthed in astonishment, and black wallpaper is integral in creating such an atmosphere.

  • Subtle Patterns

The true beauty of black wallpaper lies in its subtle patterns and designs. Whether it’s a soft geometric or something a little more floral, the detail on black wallpaper really is something special. This kind of aesthetic lends itself to a more sophisticated, glamorous interior that doesn’t smack you in the face with colour and over-the-top stripes.

Inspired Wallpaper sell a range of black products that incorporate subtle glitter patterns, while others combine with sleek gold colours to create a wallpaper unlike anything else you’re likely to find.

  • Bathroom Wallpaper

Black wallpaper is absolutely perfect for your bathroom, there’s no two ways around it. By choosing a sleek black mosaic pattern, for example, you’ll be adding a touch of class to your bathroom that will contrast beautifully with your white bath tub and other appliances.

It also goes without saying that bathrooms can gather a bit of muck and specks of water damage too, so choosing black wallpaper is a fantastic way of keeping everything looking polished and clean.

If you’re interested in hanging some black wallpaper in your home, then check out the stunning range available with Inspired Wallpaper today!

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