Create a luxurious look in your home with the brand new Crown Luxe Highgrove range



The distressed look is all the rage and the brand new Highgrove range allows you to incorporate this trend into your home in a unique way.
This wonderfully chic collection comes from the Crown Luxe brand, and features a neutral colour palette across two distinct designs that complement each other perfectly.
Whether you’re decorating a communal area such as your living room or a private space like a bedroom, this fabulous range of wallpaper brings a true sense of luxury to your home.

Highgrove Damask

Damask wallpaper always creates a sophisticated look – and that’s certainly the case with Highgrove.
The dusky charcoal version is particularly beautiful, evoking a sense of mystery and intrigue. The white and biscuit damasks are just as eye-catching and elegant, and are ideal if you want to make a small space feel much bigger.
All of the designs feature a sparkling glitter finish, which accentuates the light, adding a spectacular sheen to your room.

Highgrove Texture

This textured wallpaper adds an extra dimension to your home.
Following the same colour scheme and offering a similar glitter effect as the damasks the two designs work in perfect harmony, allowing you the designs to create a stunning look that is personal to you. You may opt for a charcoal damask feature wall, accompanied by the biscuit textured wallpaper on the other walls. Let your creativity shine through!

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