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A recent survey that we conducted found that half of us don’t get enough time to ourselves.

Whether it’s to listen to music, read, get creative or simply switch off, we think having your own calming space, away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, is so important for a healthy body and mind.

Your surroundings are so important to how you feel, so if you’re faced with a cluttered, dark and dingy room, it’s hard to feel energised and upbeat! Is it time you gave your own space an update?

We asked eight interiors bloggers to update their spaces with a little help from us. We were amazed with the results and how calm and relaxing these new spaces look.

Perhaps you’ll find something here that sparks your imagination too…

A soft grey tweed for a soothing living space

Blogger Trona opted for our cotton tweed soft grey plain wallpaper to create a peaceful, calming space for her family to relax in.

Trona wanted to create “a space where my family and I could relax in our own little haven. I am at home quite a lot due to chronic pain and other health problems so making our main room calming and somewhere I actually want to spend time is incredibly important.

“I am delighted with how it looks. The light grey colour with a subtle pattern has transformed the overall look of the room. It feels much lighter and airier than before.”


From gaming to grown up with a bold geometric print

Blogger Sarah had enough of her husband’s gaming room, which with a bed and computer desk had the look of a “teenage boy’s bedroom”.

Sarah wanted something stylish but neutral to go on the walls to update the room, so opted for this Rimini black geometric wallpaper

I’m really impressed with it and think it’s improved the room so much.”

We have to agree!

A pawfect print for a growing girl

Blogger Lauretta thought it was about time that her nine-year-old daughter, Nadja, was treated to a bedroom makeover. Lauretta chose our ‘It’s a Dog’s Life’ wallpaper because Nadja is mad on dogs – especially pugs!

“The wallpaper was by far the most impressive update for her. Well, it had to be – it was a feature wallpaper and it really pops on the wall next to her bed.

“Fortunately, it was a cinch to hang (and match) and, because of its quality (it was really thick) we didn’t experience any tears or wastage.

“Nadja is of course absolutely delighted with her new ‘tween’ bedroom. In fact, she’s so proud of her new space that she’s insisting on having her best friend over for a sleepover this weekend to show it off!”

A cosy enchanted woodland

Laura before & after

Laura wanted to add a feature wall to her family living room to soften up the space and make it feel cosier.

She chose the Crown Woodland duck egg floral wallpaper, with its woodland forest style in a soft duck-egg blue, it added a statement to the room without being overpowering.

“I’m so pleased with this wallpaper. It’s absolutely beautiful and gives the room such a lift. It even feels warmer and cosier despite the traditionally ‘cool’ colour, and makes the whole room feel homely.

“We were absolutely thrilled with our choice of paper, it is great quality and so thick it almost feels like fabric, making it easy to handle/hang and very forgiving on an old slightly uneven wall.”

A light and airy beach hut vibe

Debbie Country Heart Home - before & after

Debbie from Country Heart & Home had a common dilemma, she wanted to give her bedroom a new identity, but as she rents her home she had to stick to quite a neutral look to fit in with the rest of the house. Luckily, the Beach Hut Driftwood wallpaper that she chose was up to the task!

“Having ordered three rolls of paper, I was delighted for it to arrive the next day and it only took just over an hour to put up the whole feature wall of paper. The paper is so thick and durable that it was beautifully easy to put up and for once there were no blisters!

“One of my major bug bears is having to resolve paper issues once it is on the wall but for once this was straight forward with no issues at all – bonus!”

A bright and breezy living room upgrade

Simone before & after

Simone wanted to create a light and airy living room to relax in:

“The fact that I’m spending much more time in my home these days has spurred me on to make it feel cosier and nicer.”

She chose this Meadow scroll buttermilk feature wall wallpaper for its striking and intricate detail.

“It is a fairly subtle colour yet can’t fail to create a fabulous feature wall detail. It was really easy to put up too, helped in part by the thickness and luxurious feel to it.

“The difference simply by just having this fab paper up is amazing…”

From cluttered to calm, a desk space to be proud of

Debbie’s home office was her “‘everything’ room – also known as a dumping ground”. To update the room and make it feel more special, she chose the Harewood grey damask glitter wallpaper. This elegant tapestry-effect wallpaper with a touch of glitter was the perfect choice to update a busy, cluttered room into a calming workspace.

We hope you’re feeling inspired now to update a room or space of your own! Struggling for space? No problem! You don’t need to convert an entire room, a small makeover can actually force you to be more creative. Think a cosy reading nook, or a comfy window seat full of natural light.

Happy decorating!

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