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Decorate with grey

Sophisticated and stylish, decorating with grey has never been more fashionable. As a trend that has stood the test of time, embracing shades of grey can turn dated décor into something altogether more modern.

Applauded as a new neutral, adopting grey décor in your interiors is an easy way to be bold without being brash. Light greys can easily add a little more interest where you may have previously opted for magnolia, for example, whereas darker shades can help you create a more contemporary look.  

Which shade of grey is for me?

It wasn’t too long ago that grey décor was thought of as drab, cold and unwelcoming, and selecting the wrong shade can certainly steer you down the wrong path. However, as this home office makeover from Melissa Jane Lee shows, the right shade and chic styling can turn the smallest space into something quite special.

Grey Office Decor Design pictured: Crown Nimbus Pewter Plain Glitter Wallpaper


Crackle GreyThe shade you settle on will very much be in tune with the final look you want to create. Scandi styling naturally favours a lighter palette, working beautifully with pale woods and minimal accessories. In complete contrast, charcoal walls with clashing textiles in bold colours and prints can create a dramatic bohemian look that will certainly get your creative juices flowing.  

You’ll also need to consider the proportions of your room, it’s no secret that lighter colours will make a small room look larger, whereas a darker shade will give a larger room more depth, helping to even out the proportions.

Once you’ve got to grips with the size of your room, and you’ve narrowed down the ideas you want to bring to life, then you’re ready to choose your design.

What colours go with grey décor?

Subtle, relaxing, versatile and trendy, you’re in luck when it comes to decorating with grey. It goes with a whole rainbow of colours; it all depends on the atmosphere you’re trying to create.

For something contemporary, you can’t go wrong with seafoam, which is an interesting shade that combines green and blue. Or for something truly off the cuff, yellow or grass green will help you make a modern statement.

Soft shades of pink will help to create a sophisticated and feminine style. If you’re trying to create a retro or vintage atmosphere, you can certainly have fun with muted shades of rose.

Or are you more of a bright and bold person? For a real pop of colour, try cherry red. When paired with soft shades of grey and white, the scarlet hues are complemented very well to create something fun and unique.

How to decide which grey wallpaper design is for you

It’s not just about the shade, design and texture both play a part in successfully decorating with grey.  At this stage it’s worthwhile having a good think about the rest of the furnishings in your chosen room, be they soft furnishings like cushions or curtains, or larger pieces like sofas or wardrobes.

Take a step back and carefully decide what will be staying, and if you’re starting from scratch have a browse to see what styles you like. Here at Inspired Wallpaper we love to create a mood board, so invest in a few home décor magazines or have a good old scour of Pinterest.

Once you have an idea of style, you can narrow down which designs you think will work well in your chosen scheme.

Floral designs don’t always have to be pastel pink, and botanical prints translate beautifully into grey home décor, twisting traditional styles into something thoroughly modern.

Larger floral patterns can add a dramatic sense of scale to the room, and grey is the perfect colour to carry this look without it becoming overpowering.

In contrast, intricate patterns can bring grey wallpaper to life, with tiny details drawing the eye. For a more subtle backdrop, lighter grey décor can help make a smaller room feel more spacious.

How to style your grey wallpaper

As we’ve touched on, grey interior design can be styled in a multitude of ways. Be it Scandi-inspired minimalism or an altogether more rustic country cottage-inspired shabby chic.

If you’re looking for a more neutral look, you can stick to a multi-tonal palette of greys and whites, bringing out the existing colours in the design of your choice. Alternatively, opt for bold contrasting pops and style your room with colourful accessories. As well as lifting your mood, yellow is the perfect partner for grey.

Fixtures and fittings are a small detail that can often be overlooked, and fortunately you really can’t go wrong as any metallic element can be paired with grey. Warmer metals such as rose gold, copper and brass will accentuate warmer tones, whereas chrome and silver will bring out the cool and contemporary side to the shade you choose. 

Decorating allows you to start with a blank canvas, allowing you to start completely from scratch and create a look that you can truly fall in love with.

Why not browse through our grey wallpaper collection, to see how you can put our tips into practice? We promise you’ll find something that will help your décor dreams turn into reality.

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