How to fall back in love with your home. 9 bloggers show you how



In a recent survey that we conducted, 87% of Britons said they are not planning on moving homes this year, highlighting that an overwhelming majority of us are happy to stay put.

So in the spirit of the season of love, why not ignite a fire with your home (metaphorically, of course!) with a bit of a revamp?
Here at Inspired Wallpaper, we charged nine bloggers with one simple challenge; to reinvent one of their rooms starting off with any one of our wallpapers. Bloggers from across the UK accepted, and the results are unbelievable!

Be inspired by the results the bloggers achieved in their homes, with our wallpaper. Perhaps you can use these creative ideas to give your own home the refresh it deserves and fall back in love with it.

1. Children’s Bedroom

Blogger and mother of two, Natalie re-did her two daughters’ bedroom using Inspired Wallpaper’s ‘It’s a dog’s life‘ print, and we love how it turned out – as did Meme and Harri, the bedroom’s 6 and 3 year-old residents.

Mother and blogger Natalie revealed why she decided to re-do her girls’ room, “I want them to rush home after school to play in there, to have some adventures together, to let their imaginations run wild. A place where they can learn and read and, hopefully, sleep.”

She also explained why she chose the particular print, “It is so fun and quirky, I knew it would look perfect as a feature wall. It also has splashes of pink throughout it which would keep Harri happy.”

2. Living Room – part 1

Those who rent presume they can’t decorate, but often landlords are happy to allow a few ‘tasteful’ changes, as Kirsty Leanne’s living room makeover showcases.

Kristy’s wallpaper of choice was Crown Calico Leaf Stone Washed Floral Paper for the feature wall, and Crown Cotton Tweed Stone Washed Plain Paper for the surrounding walls.

Kristy Leanne, a lifestyle blogger in the West Midlands explained her wallpaper choice, “I went with a light grey theme as I thought it would be an easy colour to match with different pastels if we ever fancied a little bit of change.”

3. Office space makeover

Staying in love with your home is a necessity when you work from there; and blogger Melissa Jane Lee knew this as much as anyone, resulting in her completely overhauling her office space.

Using Inspired Wallpaper’s Crown Nimbus wallpaper in Pewter  she completely reinvigorated her workspace – from replacing the maroon carpet with a soft ‘Antique Leather’ shade.

“The wallpaper adds a luxe feel to the walls as it has the sheen of the tiny glitter particles, and it’s a really thick and good quality paper. I aim to be so much more productive from now on, having an office I feel happy to spend the day in.”

4. Office makeover – part two

Also upgrading his office, Dad up North completely overhauled the room using Crown Voyager Parchment Feature Wall Glitter.  Described as an ‘Absolute joy to work with’, the project took just a few hours.

5. Bedroom makeover

Jenni at decided to give her bedroom a makeover using Inspired Wallpaper’s Sweet Cherry Powder Blue Sparkle Floral Glitter Wallpaper, and the result is unrecognisable.

For more great ideas like Jenni’s, see our range of blue floral wallpapers!

6. Living Room – part two

Adele Clarke over at took the chance to redo her living room, which had been a cause of distress for her.

She opted for Coloroll’s Chevron Grey Geometric Glitter Wallpaper for a calming grey glitter design, which we think does the room wonders.

See our range of grey chevrons & striped wallpaper!

7. Living Room – part 3

Samantha Wragg, who heads up decided her living room needed a new lease of life breathed into it by creating a feature wall with Coloroll’s Utopia Gold Effect Feature Wall Paper, and we think it makes an amazing difference!

Samantha explained why she loves the design: “This wallpaper really warms up the room and I think it makes the house look a little more design-led and just gives the living room a little something extra.”

8. Make your spare bedroom something special

Anoushka of decided her spare bedroom was in need of some love, as it had become more of a wardrobe than a bedroom.

She decided to do this with Inspired Wallpaper’s Vintage Lace Rose Gold Damask wallpaper from Crown, and turned the room into a relaxing haven where guests can spend the night if they need to.

9. Create a dining room you can be proud of

Robyn from Little Woman Pretends, has been known to be a tricky customer in the past, but once she spotted our Crown Cotton Tweed Hessian design, she knew it would be the perfect fit. “I knew instantly it was ‘the one’, which is a real achievement for me; I once spent 12 whole months trying to find the perfect wallpaper for the living room… and I didn’t even really like the one I ended up choosing that much.”

We’re feeling incredibly inspired ourselves after reading these stories from our bloggers. If you think a room in your home needs a bit of TLC this spring, don’t hesitate to take the plunge and breathe fresh life into your four walls. Not sure where to start? Let us help you bring your interior dreams to life; there really is something for everyone out there.

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