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Eric Slinn, a company based in Merseyside has been selling wallpaper since its formation in 1934. They have been a stockist of our Crown brand for over 80 years and more recently our Coloroll and Vymura brands too.
The heritage of Eric Slinns dates back to the 1870’s at a similar time as Crown Wallpaper. We spoke with Alf Bannister, owner of Eric Slinns to find out more.

1. What’s the story behind Eric Slinn? When did the company start?
Slinns has been around since the 1870’s and started off carting goods for the local paint manufactures at the time. Later on Henry Slinn opened a shop selling paint and wall hangings.
Eric Slinn was one of the five sons of Henry, who opened his own shop in 1934, later becoming Eric Slinn & Son Ltd in 1955.

2. What do you love about the wallpaper industry?
The rate of change and development of substrates (types of wallpaper) keeps this industry fresh and exciting.

3. What’s your favourite Crown, Coloroll or Vymura wallpaper?
Our favourite wallpaper at the moment is the Feather Dappled Grey design. Our customers love it and it has been selling really well.

4. Do you have any predictions for next year’s wallpaper trends and colours?
Personally I would like to see ‘less’ glitter and more photo-realistic effects and textures. However it would be unusual if I got it right, even after selling wallpaper for 54 years.

5. What is your top interior design tip?
Simple! Put your own personality into your décor.

If you’d like to visit Eric Slinns to see our wallpaper designs, their address is:
8 Hill Street
St Helens
WA10 2SS

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