What Is Flock Wallpaper? And Why Your Walls Should Be Wearing It



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Flock wallpaper, a heritage textile evoking an old world and aristocratic connotation. Intentionally velvety to the touch, the trend invites you to flout conventionality and celebrate the grandeur and affluence of baroque and neoclassical styling. Unapologetically luxurious, our flock wallpapers draw on the past, whilst designing your future.

The style conscious crowd have been flocking back to this wallpaper trend! Are you ready to join them?

Pettigo Flock

If your personality leans towards an all that glitters type sentiment, then the uber luxe Pettigo Flock wallpaper is inviting you to exhibit your psyche. The design, which is neither shy or retiring is nodding towards a retro renaissance. The opulent pairing of black and gold brings drama and depth, with the flock adding an extra design dimension. Sophisticated, decadent and timeless. Pair with metallic accessories for an additional shimmer.

Pettigo Flock Wallpaper


Kilmore Flock

If you are flirting with the current raw architectural movement, but have not yet made a firm commitment, the Kilmore Flock could be your game changer. While brutalist inspired interiors have a striking aesthetic, incorporating the look into the home can be challenging. Borrowing inspiration from a pebbly shoreline, the wallpaper is softened with the velvety flock and metallic finish. Stay true to the theme with a neutral palette, think greys, black and white. Exquisite!

Kilmore Flock Wallpaper


A famous designer once said, that nothing ages faster than newness, a sentiment which Inspired Wallpapers laud. The Waterford Flock wallpaper has a shimmering background coupled with innovative webbed lacing, this flock design is mesmerising to look at.

Waterford flock


The re-invention of the trend for monochrome interiors seemingly never ends. The winning partnership relies on the absence of colour and guarantees a sense of sharp sophistication. Not to buck that trend, this gorgeous Pada wallpaper Indulges the geometric movement and puts an alternative spin on predictable trellis type patterns. Dare to add a pop of colour?

Pada Flock Wallpaper

And Finally…

The wallpaper trend is back, and it seems to be sticking around. There is currently a celebration of luxurious interiors, crafted with ostentatious materials and we have warmly welcomed back chinoiserie styles, damask and now flock. So what is next? Will wood-chip be making a comeback or will this always remain a hanging offence? Hopefully!

Check out the full range of flock wallpapers.

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