Glitter Wallpaper: Living Room Ideas with Sparkle



While it’s very important, there is so much more to wallpaper than a beautiful design. Texture and embellishments are the perfect way to enhance the intricacies of a print and bringing depth to your decorating.

Glitter is ideal for adding an extra dimension to your living room; adding extra sparkle to your décor. Whether you opt for a delicate blue sheen or full on bling, here are a few glitter wallpaper living room ideas to get you started.

Make the most of sunny spots with a geometric print

Echo CharcoalPerfect for reflecting natural light, even the smallest hint of glitter will enhance any design. Our Echo Charcoal print offers a fresh perspective on the geometric trend, with glitter enhancing the multi dimension illusion effect. Hang your wallpaper opposite a window that receives direct sunlight, as this way you can be sure the design sparkles to its full potential.

If you are struggling for natural light, the positioning of lamps can make all the difference. Just like any stage, you can shine a spotlight on the areas of your living room that you’d like to emphasise, showcasing your beautiful décor.

Give a traditional design a modern twist

They say florals never go out of fashion, and we agree! The perfect way to embrace the botanical trend, glitter can really bring a touch of contemporary glamour to what otherwise may be perceived as quite a traditional print. Our Bantry Champagne Floral wallpaper boasts a beautiful sheen, with the floral print embellished with a delicate bead sparkle. The ideal way to create a luxurious lounge.

Get decadent with damask

Damask is a traditional design that has stood the test of time and continues to be a staple design in stylish living rooms across the country. Add a touch of glitter and you get a contemporary twist on an old favourite.

The delicate metallic sheen on the intricate design of this Highgrove Biscuit Damask wallpaper adds a whole other level to your living room. Use as a feature wall opposite or close to your window so the natural light reflects off the sparkles – you can never have enough natural sunlight.

If you’re looking for a subtle way to incorporate the glitter trend into your living room, look no further. For smaller rooms where your goal is to make the most of the space you have, a sparkling design captures the light and helps to make your chosen room look bigger.

The urban indoors

There’s always talk about bringing the outdoors in, but how about bringing an urban touch to your interior? Brick-style wallpaper has experienced a surge in popularity as of late, and it works for both modern styles that are looking to continue the theme, and period homes looking for a contemporary twist.

But there’s nothing plain about these designs; each one has been enhanced with a delicate silver shimmer that catches the light and creates a welcome sparkle in any home.

Glitter Brick WallpaperFor living rooms, the brick design is ideal for a feature wall, perhaps behind your sofa or opposite a window so you really maximise the impact of the natural light streaming in. A cool, crisp and modern look, our Glitter Brick Grey Feature Wallpaper gorgeously subtle while still making a statement in your living room. 

Glitter wallpaper is a trend that has been picking up momentum for some time now, and it certainly shows no signs of slowing down. Navigating the world of decorating is an exciting journey – whether you’re doing a full refresh of your home or just sprucing up your living room. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our guide to 2017 living room colours for style that’s on trend and shows off your personality.

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