Grey Living Room Ideas: How to Use Grey for a Dramatic Look


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Whether you are overhauling the living room of your forever home or have just snapped up a property that needs a bit of a revamp, the sheer choice of colours is enough to stop the entire interior design process in its tracks. Grey is a stunning colour option for all rooms, but for the living room in particular, grey provides a warm scheme that looks the part in modern and traditional environments alike. Far from dull, grey is a gorgeous neutral that goes with so many other colours and an extremely sophisticated tone that works in multiple rooms and settings.

So what do people like about decorating with grey? A staple across a number of elegant, trendy interiors, the grey colour palette has been a big hit and is becoming more popular as each year goes by. The versatility of grey is one of the main reasons homeowners with all tastes and varying budgets choose grey. In one living room, grey can be used to channel a striking, edgy and modern look, while in another it can be utilised to shape a charming and rustic interior. Read on to discover the living room ideas grey can create…

What colours go with grey?

Thanks to its versatility grey goes with a range of colours. Each pairing creates an entirely different look and feel for a truly personalised and stylish finish.

Grey and purple

Grey and purple is an excellent pairing and one that many interior design enthusiasts have become obsessed with during the past few years. Period properties and contemporary homes alike can find the finish they desire with grey and purple, whether they are going for a light grey and deep aubergine or a dark grey and mauve.

Add some texture by incorporating a feature wall. The right grey living room wallpaper ideas can ensure a silky neutral addition that’s subtle yet glamourous, which makes this interior decorating trend ideal for bedrooms too.

living room 2

Design pictured: Annalee Feature Wallpaper

Grey and pink

Grey provides the perfect base to add a bold pop of colour to your living area so why not choose pink as your vivid accent tone? You don’t have to go for hot pink to achieve this desirable colour combination as dusty, blush tones also add a soft and pretty flourish to the grey scheme.

Grey and yellow

Ultra-modern and chic, the grey and yellow colour combination is becoming increasingly sought after. Grey provides a fantastic backdrop for many colours, with bright shades like yellow providing a vibrant look. Grey and yellow colour schemes sit well in all environments with the super trendy, warm mustard tone working in perfect harmony with industrially inspired cement shades. For more traditional interiors, a pastel yellow is a soothing option. Add a touch of nature to your grey and yellow interior with floral wallpaper.

living room 3

Design pictured: Copenhagen Grey Geometric Wallpaper

How to pair soft furnishings and accessories with grey

Whatever colour combination you opt for, your newly decorated grey living room wouldn’t be complete without a few carefully selected soft furnishings and accessories. Grey colour schemes ensure endless possibilities when it comes to accessorising and offer the perfect environment for patterns. Patterned flooring, curtains and upholstery all work well in grey living rooms.

Textured furnishings are excellent investments when accessorising grey living spaces. Don’t be afraid to add texture in all areas either. These dusty pink statement chairs work fabulously with statement damask print, natural wood floors and rose gold orb lighting to create a vintage vibe that wouldn’t look out of place in a modern or period home.

living room 4

Design pictured: Aiya Grey Damask Wallpaper

Whether you have decided on a zingy grey and yellow colour scheme, a pop of vivid hot pink or dreamy blush, or classic and calming grey and purple decor, we have what you need to complete your look. View our latest collection of grey wallpaper and bring your grey living room ideas to life.  For further information about grey living room wallpaper ideas and decorating with grey, check out our grey colour guide.

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