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Do you lose hours pinning all your home hopes and dreams on virtual boards? Well, you’re not the only one. But you can actually turn your interior fantasies into reality and create a Pinterest-perfect home within your own four walls.

There are thousands, if not millions of pins on Pinterest, and we’ve explored some of the most popular to identify the biggest home decorating trends out there based on the number of pins. These pins total well into the hundreds of thousands and will give you some serious house envy.

From creating a cosy country cottage to filling your home full of Hygge, we bring you our easy top tips to create a beautiful interior worthy of pinning.

Trend 1: Country living

Vintage, retro, rustic, country-style living… whatever you want to call it, the trend has skyrocketed in recent times and shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

Our favourite pins

Source: Image one
Source: Image two

The two country-living pins we love the most are shown above – they show our dream bathroom and kitchens that brings this trend to life in the most perfect way possible. We especially love all the jars in the bathroom!

How many pins would you guess each one had?

Bathroom: 115.7k
Kitchen: 311.9k

Here are our tips to create the Pinterest-perfect country living look…

Tip 1: Put everything on show

Gone are the days of the perfectly pristine kitchen and bathroom. Having things on show is the new way to go.

In the kitchen, display your pasta, cereal and baking goods in jars to achieve true country chic. Stacked bowls, plates and jars for cookies, tea and coffee only enhance this look.

In bathrooms, have a huge jar of Epsom salts on hand to sprinkle in a bath, and bunches of cotton buds and big piles of fluffy white towels look elegant rather than disorganised.

When it’s done right, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped straight into a luxury country cottage.

Tip 2: Go for plenty of white

White minimalism isn’t just synonymous with elegant New York penthouses. When this colour is used right, it’s perfect for a rustic yet stylish country look.

Using white in this way instantly brings a chic vibe to any room. You can either go more neutral and natural with hints of brown and green, or if you love a bit of flair, bright pops of colour can pair well with white. Yellow is a gorgeous colour for a kitchen, while a soft blue is a little more neutral and goes just as well with white in a cosy living room or bedroom setting. 

Tip 3: Use distressed wood

For the ultimate finishing touch on your country living home, you can’t go wrong with distressed wood.

Furniture is a way to create stunning focal points in your home – perhaps you could go for a distressed wood chest of drawers, a side table or a coffee table? Avoid overly painted or varnished furniture – a gorgeous natural grain is the look we’re going for here. The more battered and distressed the better.

If you’ve already got your furniture, you can still add this look to any room you choose with wallpaper. Our beautiful Windward platinum grey is the perfect choice.

Distressed WoodDesign pictured: Windward platinum grey

Trend 2: Lavish luxe

A common sight on Pinterest, this is a look of elegance and glamour that can provoke serious interior envy. And if you’re thinking that you need to spend a lot to recreate this look, then think again.

Our favourite pins

Source: Image one
Source: Image two

The two pins above take luxe living to the max. Effortlessly chic and stylish, who wouldn’t want to live here?

How much love do you think these got?

Attic closet: 115.7k
Grey and white bedroom: 120.9k

Here are our tips to create the Pinterest-perfect lavish luxe look…

Tip 1: Go for sleek metallics

Lavish luxe can easily be achieved by turning to the metallics. While copper and rose gold have risen to prominence in interior design, they’re colours best saved for a more rustic look. For this trend you should stick to the classic gold and silver, as their shine creates a sumptuous look you won’t find anywhere else.

Adorning your walls is a quick and easy way to incorporate metallics into your interior. Our favourite choice is our Carrick Gold wallpaper.

Design pictured: Carrick Gold

Tip 2: Introduce focal points

To finish off a luxe interior, the eye needs to be drawn to a particular spot – something that makes you go “wow!” and is preferably nice and shiny.

Our top ideas include a gorgeous gilded mirror in gold – a popular Pinterest theme is to have an oversized mirror leaning against the wall rather than hanging – or a chandelier in silver that stands out and is a little more on the lavish side.

Trend 3: Perfect pastels

Show off your feminine side with pastels. But it doesn’t just have to be pink. Any colour can go pastel, so the sky really is the limit when it comes to this trend. Let your imagination run wild.

Our favourite pins

Perfect PastelsSource: Image one
Source: Image two

Pretty in pink takes on a whole other meaning with these stunning pins. How many people do you think saved these beauties?

Pink bedroom: 101.7k
Pink collage: 81.6k

Here are our tips to create the Pinterest-perfect pastels look…

Tip 1: Stick to softer colours

This trend is all about looking at the softer, paler end of the colour spectrum. Steer clear of bold and bright colours, and instead opt for pale pinks, baby blues and soft sunshine yellows.

Design pictured: Vintage Lace Marshmallow Damask

Tip 2: Pair with neutrals

Pastel shades go better with more neutral hues. The top contenders are off-white, cream, silver or grey – the latter is especially popular on Pinterest as grey is a trend that just doesn’t seem to end. It’s the perfect way to avoid your room looking like a stick of candy floss and helps to ground the colour so it looks chic rather than overwhelming.

Trend 4: Scandinavian Hygge

Hygge has exploded on to the scene in recent years. A trend from Denmark (pronounced as hue-gah) is, according to Hygge House, “a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special.”

Our favourite pins

Scandinavian HyggeSource: Image one
Source: Image two
Source: Image three

The three pins we love the most make us want to read hundreds of books on Hygge and live like Danes for the rest of our life. As the numbers show, people on the internet adored these looks as much as we did:

White bedroom: 176.7k
Rustic bathroom: 128.9k
Cosy bedroom: 104.2k

Here are our tips to create the Pinterest-perfect Scandinavian Hygge look…

Tip 1: Keep it pure and simple

When it comes to colours, the Danes aren’t huge fans of loud colour schemes or bright pops when inviting hygge into their home. Hygge is all about creating a calm, relaxing and tranquil place in your home. The goal should be to keep it free of clutter and noise (both visual and audible) and promote a peaceful environment.

For the ultimate Scandinavian look, choose colour schemes that are monochromatic (shades of black, white and grey) or that are softer (such as blues, purples, forest greens and elements of gold). If you’re going for the monochromatic look, try our Tweed Soft Grey Striped wallpaper.

Tweed Stripe Grey Wallpaper

Design pictured: Tweed Soft Grey Striped wallpaper

Tip 2: Make your house a home

This is where you can really let your creativity run free. There are no rules – simply accessorise your home exactly the way you want to. Texture is a big part of Hygge, so don’t be afraid to surround yourself with knitted throws, thick blankets, comfy pillows, rugs and comfy furniture you can just sink into.

Personal objects and nature are also important elements of Hygge – small potted plants and succulents are perfect – as are frames filled with photos, favourite books and unique handmade gifts.

Tip 3: Get a fire going

The warm, natural and inviting glow of fire just cannot be replicated by artificial lighting. There’s something so beautiful about a flickering candle or crackling fire, which is why it’s an essential part of Hygge. If you’re up for a bit of DIY, incorporate a log burner into your living room with piles of log wood on either side. Or if you want to go for an easier option, simply light a lot of candles and relax. For full Danish points fill your space with white candles.

Trend 5: Terrific tiles

Using blocks of colourful tiles is a quick, easy and often cheap way to decorate your home. It’s a trend most use in kitchens or bathrooms, but why not think outside the box and adorn the walls of your office or living room with tiles?

Our favourite pins

Source: Image one
Source: Image two

Are you ready to take your tiling to the next level? The two pins above are our absolute favourites and serve as true inspiration for our next interior design project, but how much love did they receive?

Light blue bathroom: 98.7k
Moroccan tiles: 170.9k

Here are our tips to create the Pinterest-perfect terrific tiles look…

Tip 1: Go for chic and cheerful bright colours

With tiles we say the brighter the better, but if you’re completing a minimalistic look then white or black can look gorgeously chic. For a pop of colour we recommend our London Tile Aqua wallpaper.


Design pictured: London Tile Aqua wallpaper

Tip 2: Create a feature wall

Having a full room coated with vibrant tiles could be too much for some. For a much more sleek and polished look, take your chosen design and instead coat a single wall to make a feature or focal point. That way you can use a more neutral colour to make your design stand out even more and decorate around it.

There you have it. A gorgeous interior doesn’t have to cost the earth – you can even create a Pinterest-perfect home on a budget. Just pick your trend and get decorating. Fancy sprucing up your walls? Check out the rest of our wallpaper designs here to create a home you’re proud of.

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