A Guide On Creating The Perfect Modern Interior


Phil Collins

First of all, let’s get one thing perfectly straight: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with opting for a more traditional interior. The rustic materials and complex shapes can combine to create an absolutely stunning aesthetic, and you might be sat there thinking that such a design will make your home seem much more like… well, home. 

But sometimes you just can’t beat the sleek design of a modern interior. The straighter, beautifully defined lines combined with smooth, flashy surfaces creates the kind of contemporary look that many people think you can only really find in magazines.

However, your desire to create a modern interior for your own home doesn’t just have to be a pipedream, and we’ve got some tips right here that can help you get started.

Open Space Is Key

Many people enjoy smaller, cosier rooms with very little open space, which is absolutely fine if you’re aiming for a more traditional look.

But open space is absolutely key to creating a more modern aesthetic. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re advising you to put your sofa a mile away from the coffee table, (after all, the last thing you want is a spilled brew), as instead we mean to draw your attention to the appeal of an open floor plan.

With an open plan living room/kitchen and large doors leading to adjoining rooms, your interior will soon seem much airier. This might not sound like a big deal, but a spacious open plan design will let you make the most of any natural light, as you create a seamless contemporary feel throughout every room in your home.

Get Your Flooring Right

Many homeowners become so obsessed with picking out the perfect colour scheme and pieces of furniture that they forget all about their flooring. But nothing screams “out-dated” quite like a dingy carpet that looks as though it hasn’t had a good wash in a while.

Installing bare hardwood floors and pairing this with the neutral shades of your furniture is a fantastic way of achieving a modern look. This kind of flooring will match the sleekness of the rest of your interior, and keep in line with the simple tone you are trying to create.

If you just couldn’t imagine being comfortable in a home with hard floors, then we recommend laying down some stylish rugs to add a touch of warmth and comfort to the design.

Geometric Wallpaper Is IN!

Okay, so now you’ve got your spacing and flooring right, it’s time to concentrate on your walls.

Bold patterns and vibrant colours have been a massive hit in 2017 for wallpapers, and we don’t expect this trend to come to a halt anytime soon. The distinct shapes integrated throughout these wallpapers create a satisfying sense of symmetry, while the real beauty of these designs lies in the fact that they can be used in every room of your home.

Such a bold aesthetic lets you really stamp your own personality on your interior, as you’re able to choose the perfect shapes and colours for your design. So, whether you’re after a smart design for your bedroom, or a vibrant selection of colours for a feature wall, geometric wallpaper offers you everything you need to stay on-trend.

It just so happens that we’ve got an absolutely gorgeous selection of geometric wallpapers available for you to choose from. Available exclusively to Inspired Wallpaper customers, these designs are guaranteed to help you achieve your dream modern interior.

Browse our selection today to see what we have available!

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