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How to decorate with yellow

With its sunny disposition and positive emotive response, it’s no surprise yellow home décor has become so popular. Yellow brings light to rooms that don’t necessarily receive a lot of natural light, and adds warmth to cool rooms such as kitchens. It’s the perfect way of invoking life into your walls.

What colours go with yellow?

When people think of decorating with yellow, what often comes to mind is a colour that is difficult to match with others. However, there are so many different shades out there that even the most unlikely pair can work in the right circumstances. The same type of yellow may look completely different when paired with a red than, for example, with green.

Below we’ve put together a quick at-a-glance guide to yellow colour pairings.

Yellow and red

MARTEZ ZINGWhen coupled with red, yellow takes on a reddish tone and creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere. A south-facing room, with sunlight streaming through, can be transformed if a large wall or focal piece of furniture is in yellow with touches of scarlet, ruby and cherry.

Yellow and white

Crisp, minimalist and refreshing. Yellow and white are perfect for small rooms that don’t necessarily receive the light they deserve. A kitchen, where a sunny and refreshing look can work well, is the perfect place to try this combination. Or if your white living room is looking a little bland, pops of canary yellow can revive a washed-out vibe.

Yellow and neutrals

The paler you go with your yellow, the closer you get to neutral, and you’re more likely to be successful with softer shades. Pale yellow and a light dusky brown go well together, especially if you’re looking to create a traditional cottage look in your home.

Throw the rulebook out of the window and decorate your home exactly how you want it. You may be thinking that yellow is a risky colour, but it mixes perfectly with different shades of the same colour.

Energy Stripe YellowIf you opt for flashes of neon yellow, why not mix and match them with more muted shades? Our Energy Stripe wallpaper is the perfect example of this for adorning your walls, while you can throw more shades into the mix with the addition of accessories such as lamps and cushions.

If you do decide on a multi-yellowed look in your room, be sure to bring the colours altogether under one bold shade. Black is perfect for this – and even white or off-white if you want something a little less harsh. This connecting colour unites the shades and creates miniature focal points for the eyes to rest on.

Decorating with pale yellow

CALICO LEAF BUTTERMILK M1152 COTTON TWEED BUTTERMILKYellow is synonymous with the beach. Bright sunshine and pale sand invoke images of happy – it’s no wonder people choose to adorn their walls with this gorgeous colour. Unless you’re mad for sunflowers, you may choose more muted shades to emulate the look of the seaside. This is certainly a safer option if you’re looking to add a hint of colour to your chosen room without making too bold a statement.


For a look that is vintage-inspired, perfect for create a cottage-look, and that reminds you of the beach, opt for our Pollyanna Lemon Blue wallpaper. Pale yellow and baby blue look gorgeous side-by-side and create a mellow tone that invites warmth and light into your home.


Decorating with yellow home accessories

Splashes of bright yellow can give your room a fresh and inviting look. If you’re not ready to commit to the colour, accessories and soft furnishings allows you to easily play around with yellow hues.

If your walls are neutral – perhaps a light grey or even a pale blue – why not hang yellow curtains around your largest window? Bring the look together by adding a couple of gorgeous mustard throw pillows to your couch.

It’s incredible how much a couple of small accessories can transform your space. A few cushions, a knitted throw, a rug and some fresh flowers – your room will be instantly brightened up and make you smile instantly.

Yellow is certainly a bold colour choice, but you certainly shouldn’t shy away from it if you’ve fallen head over heels in love – it’s your home after all. Yellow decor is the perfect way to show off your own sense of style.

Why not take a look at our yellow wallpaper collection to take a look at the options we have available? We guarantee you’ll be able to find something you adore.

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