A Guide to Feature Walls


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When you are decorating a certain room within your house, there is an aesthetic you may wish to adhere to. Here at Inspired Wallpaper, we understand the desire to recreate the mental designs conjured within. After all, everyone dreams about decorating and furnishing their first home and whether it’s your first décor journey or you’re walking down the same path again, we’re always here to offer a helping hand.

The feature wall is a particular wall within a room that is decorated with a pattern whilst the remaining walls are kept neutral or subtle. It is a technique often carried out in living rooms and bedrooms and can be used to further define the space available. Here is our do’s and don’ts guide to creating the perfect feature wall…

Things You Should Do

If interior design is not your strongest asset it may be wise to consult a professional. After all, it is essential that the pattern or colour you choose for you feature wall complements the rest of the room. A feature wall should attract attention, not look out of place in an already crowded environment which is why you should always ensure that the design you create completes itself rather than competes with itself.

Thing You Shouldn’t Do

It is important that you select your feature wall cautiously as it cannot be done at random. This is because the wall surface you choose must highlight the focal point of the room such as the chimney breast in your living room or the wall you rest your bed against in your bedroom. The idea is that you draw attention to this area and choosing a random wall could threaten this style.

Many people think that wallpaper is too much hassle and due to this they decide to choose a shade of paint that is a few shades darker or avoid having one altogether. Here at Inspired Wallpaper, we think that you shouldn’t be afraid to use wallpaper. After all, it offers an exciting array of designs, styles and possibilities and is very easily removed if you change your mind in the future.

Unless you have an eye for interior design, it can be tricky to correctly bring to life your perfect front room or bedroom. Here at Inspired Wallpaper, we take into consideration the preferences of the customer and help you find the perfect wallpaper design for a dazzling feature wall you could only dream about! For more information or to speak to a member of the team, contact Inspired Wallpaper today!

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