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Florence Crackle white Wallpaper
Crackle White

If you’re looking to create that beautifully pristine look that you see on the cover of your favourite interiors magazine, then white is a perfect choice. White can slot in perfectly with family life to create a beautiful yet homely feel, or it can be a minimalist haven that offers an escape from reality.         

White can make a space feel not just brighter, but also bigger, making it the perfect way to make the most out of limited lighting in even the darkest of rooms.


How white should I go?

How you strike a balance with white décor really depends on how the room will be used.  You can, of course, throw yourself in at the deep end and opt for a Scandi-style scheme of white walls, furnishings, accessories and white-washed floors. But, if your home is host to small children or pets this might not be the best long term plan.

When determining which look to go for, it’s useful to ask yourself a couple of questions. How well used is the room I’m decorating? Can I ban food, drink or shoes to help keep surfaces clean?

If you’re decorating a home office, which only you will use, an all-white scheme could look spectacular.

If that isn’t quite the case, luckily this isn’t an all or nothing scenario and decorating with white is entirely adaptable to your lifestyle. You could opt for bright, fresh white walls as your focus point, breaking up your palette with other colours for surfaces and textiles that need to be a little more hardwearing.

How to decide which white wallpaper design is for you

Just because a design is white, doesn’t mean you are limited when it comes to choosing. Textures, patterns and embellishments all elevate Kerry White Wallpaperwallpaper by adding beautiful nuances to even the simplest of designs.

From afar, our Crackle Pearl & White design, seen above, is deceptively simple, but upon closer inspection you can see the pattern replicates a shattered glass effect with a metallic sheen.

If you’re a fan of the geometric trend, there is absolutely no need to rule out white wallpaper. Combining a contemporary geometric pattern with stylish metallic touches, our Kerry White design perfectly encapsulates modern minimalism.


LONDON TILE WhiteWhite décor can bring out the best in bathrooms and kitchens, but tiling can be fiddly, expensive and time-consuming. Our London Tile white design is an easy solution where your decorating can be finished in a matter of hours. The design is accentuated with glitter embellishments making your walls sparkle, bringing out the best in your white room décor.



What colours go with white?

Unlike most colours, white really does go with everything. While it’s the perfect backdrop for bolder colours, white décor also suits more muted palettes.

For a fresh and contemporary twist on the botanical trend, you could bring the outdoors in, inspired by Pantone’s Colour of the Year ‘Greenery’, and also one of our top living room colour trends for 2017. Our Florence Pearl-White wallpaper features a climbing floral trail design, and would look stunning accessorised with a green palette. You can’t go wrong with a soft sage sofa, and a terrarium filled with emerald green succulents.

Highgrove white wallpaperIn complete contrast, white partnered with silver looks incredibly opulent.  Our Highgrove White Damask Glitter Wallpaper has a silver glitter finish, creating an elegant look that is perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to any room in the home.


How to style your white wallpaper

Decorating with white leaves you open to a vast range of options when it comes to styling your finished room. As we have mentioned, it can be easily matched with most colours, so the opportunities for accessorising are endless.

With so much freedom it can be tempting to opt for a hodge-podge of accessories, but by having a style in mind you can streamline your choices for a polished look. Do your research, and really think about the overall look you are trying to create, and the ideal décor that you would like to come home to at the end of the day.

If you can’t decide between a few different wallpaper designs, use our handy sample service for only 99p.


White room décor is so versatile, allowing you to decorate a room in countless ways, reflecting your own sense of style.

Why not browse through our white wallpaper collection, to see how you can put our tips into practice? We promise you’ll find something that will help your décor dreams turn into reality.


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