How to Decorate Your Home with Green Decor



How to decorate with green

You may have noticed that green décor has seen a recent surge in popularity, with interiors magazines suddenly filled with features highlighting the virtues of this palette. Announced as Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2017, Greenery has re-ignited interest in all shades of this underrated colour. 

Which shade of green should I choose?

Oriental Landscapre Eau De NilWhile decorating with green is not to be taken lightly, we’re certainly not talking the retro lime of the sixties. Think softer tones, such as sage green, moss and Eau-de-nil.

A lesson in subtlety, our Oriental Landscape design boasts soft greens that help to promote a tranquil ambience in any room. These beautiful tones are effortlessly romantic and emphasise the details of a distinctive design steeped in history.

Lighter shades of green home décor can help make a room feel bigger, and when paired with innovative designs your wallpaper will quickly become a conversation starter amongst guests.

In contrast, darker tones can have a dramatic impact. Deep and moody, embracing the dark side can be the perfect way to encourage an air of sophistication. Forest greens, emerald and olive shades can all add a touch of luxury, especially when paired with intricate designs that demand a closer look.Ash Branch Dark Olive

Our Ash Branch Dark Olive print features delicate interwoven leaves, helping you to embrace beautiful botanic design in the comfort of your own home.

The shade you eventually opt for very much depends on the green interior design scheme you’re hoping to create. If you’re not quite clear on the finished look you want, keep your eyes open and you’ll see inspiration everywhere. As you continue to plan you’ll find ideas where you least expect; be it in restaurants, art galleries, country parks or the homes of friends and family. Take photos and create a mood board to pin-point exactly what you love, helping identify the perfect palette for your green home décor.

What colours go with green décor?

You may be familiar with the cliché ‘blue and green should never be seen’ butAsh Brand Light Moss here at Inspired Wallpaper we think such restrictions are outdated. Duck egg blue paired with a light moss green can help create a cosy country cottage inspired interior – bright and fresh – to make the most of the space available.

Darker tones can be complemented with cream, paired with a buttermilk yellow, or even contrasted against lighter shades of green. Featuring a delicate skeleton leaf motif, our one leaf print perfectly demonstrates how versatile decorating with green can be.

How to decide which green wallpaper design is for you?

Once you’ve pinpointed how light or dark you’d like your wallpaper to be, it’s time to narrow down exactly which design meets your dream home expectations.

An ever-popular trend, bringing the outdoors in is the perfect way to breathe new life into your home. Botanical prints featuring leaves, plants and flowers never go out of style, and are easily incorporated into any space.

WOODLAND SAGE GREENThey say a picture paints a thousand words, and the pattern of our woodland sage design is so intricate it even tells a story. Perfectly encapsulating a woodland forest theme, if you’re looking for a nature-inspired look to complement a green interior design scheme then then this print could be the one for you.

How to style your green wallpaper

Green decorating ideas are always accompanied by one firm fixture – plenty of plants. A stylish addition, just in need of a little TLC, literally bringing the outdoors in can be the perfect finishing touch. Whether you opt for on-trend succulents or something leafier, you should put just as much thought into the plant pots you choose. Modern polished concrete, neutral ceramics or more intricate brass designs can all add a different dimension to your décor.

You can accentuate your nature-inspired palette with furniture and accessories inspired by the great outdoors. Textures such as wicker, wood and cork will finish your room perfectly, creating a green home décor scheme that wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of a glossy interiors magazine.

Green room décor can be your chance to interpret a trend in your own way, and with plenty of designs in a range of shades, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

Why not browse through our green wallpaper collection to find out how you can put our advice into practice? We promise you’ll find the perfect design to help you to bring your décor dreams to life.     


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