Living Room Colours: What’s on Trend in 2017?



Living rooms are a place of comfort. They embody cosiness, warmth and relaxation. They are where memories are made with family and friends, and they are where you come to kick off your shoes at the end of the day.

Furniture, decorations and those homely touches are all important parts, but before you start decorating and furnishing, you need to think about the living room colour scheme that will pull your whole look together. We have done the hard work for you; we’ve picked out three of the most sophisticated decorating trends of 2017 which will have you desperate to do DIY in no time.

Bold colours

Last year, Pantone announced their colour predictions for the following months, and lively and vibrant colours made a welcome appearance. Many people may shy away from the idea of adding bright colours to their home, especially to their living room where they spend so much time, but these shades can bring a whole new lease of life.

Pantone’s Top 10 Colours for Spring 2017

Lime green certainly ticks the box of being bold, and when it is done right, it can look incredible in a living room. A trick for these more unusual colours is to make the most of natural light; clear white light provides an instant lift to any space. If you’re decorating a room that doesn’t bring in a lot of natural light, opt for lighter shades of green in more muted tones than lime. You can then use interior lighting and mirrors to make your space look bigger.

Blue; always a good choice for living room colours, and mixing it up with different shades allows you to experiment and find your ideal combination. It’s a colour that has always been associated with calm and anchoring us back to earth after a stressful day. The darker hue of Lapis will look gorgeous as a feature wall, while lighter tones can be matched to the furniture, rug or curtains to create a cosy and homely feel.

Take inspiration from nature

Another colour singled out in Pantone’s predictions was Kale. Not just a food trend that just won’t disappear, this dark and earthy green is an excellent way to introduce natural tones into your home. You’ll be familiar with the curly nature of kale; which gives you the perfect excuse to experiment with different textures. Why not add a velvet chair or couch? Or if you’re restricted on space, a footstool will do just as well. Our Meadow Scroll wallpaper could be the perfect choice to bring the sense of nature & greenery into your home.


Flame and Primrose Yellow were also top picks from Pantone, and are both excellent if you’re looking to make a statement. The orange-red of Flame will bring an incredible flicker of life into a contemporary room – it pairs perfectly with monochrome colours and the strong lines you’d expect in modern design.

Primrose Yellow; if you’re looking to have a feature wall then this is the ideal hue. Be careful not to overdo it, or your living room will look like a giant sunflower. But when it’s done subtly, coupled with more muted shades of the same family, or plenty of white, it looks amazing.


Go back in time


Vintage is all the rage right now, and it shows no signs of slowing down in the year ahead. Bringing a touch of retro to your home doesn’t have to mean that your style goes back in time too; it’s entirely possible to incorporate more traditional patterns and designs into your living room while also keeping things modern and fresh.

If it’s your furniture that you want to imbue with an old-fashioned vibe, why not look for a Chesterfield chair, perhaps in a tartan pattern that evokes memories of days gone by? Or, if you want to keep the style but update the colour, you can’t go wrong with tan brown or deep oxblood red leather. A stand-out piece can quickly become the focal point of any living room.

Flora Nouveau

It can be a lot easier than you think to add a touch of the past to your home, especially when it comes to adorning your walls. Take our new Archive Collection, for example; a simple way to bring classic designs into your home that have been updated for contemporary living. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that things haven’t changed so much over the past few years! Many traditional pieces feature designs that are still incredibly popular on the market today, such as geometric patterns or these floral grey prints.



Feeling inspired? We certainly are! Giving your home an update has never been easier, and neither has staying on trend. We can help you transform your interior design dreams into a reality, and you’ll be ready to take on the rest of 2017 in style.

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