Living Room Lighting Ideas: what’s on trend in 2017



Beautiful lighting can truly bring out the best in your living room décor, Jefferson Table Lamp by David Hunt Lightingso it’s important to find the balance that illuminates the room perfectly whilst also accentuating its best features.

Lighting should be treated as a fine art, so don’t rush into anything – as with any element of interior design. Tweaked and obsessed over until you’ve reached perfection, you may even find you need to re-think your scheme as the seasons change – the summer brings more natural light, whilst in winter the sun sets earlier and rises later.

When choosing your living room lighting, it’s important to consider how natural light filters into the room throughout the day, as this will help you determine exactly where needs illuminating. A combination of ceiling, floor and table lights will go a long way to create the perfect balance, and of course for cosier evenings, there is always the romantic flicker of candlelight to create a stunning ambience.

To help you with some living room lighting ideas, we’ve investigated a few gorgeous trends for 2017 with a little help from our friends over at David Hunt Lighting.

Be bold with colours

It’s not unusual for us to gravitate to more neutral or metallic lighting, when really there is a whole world of opportunity to choose from with lampshades that are almost as bright as the bulb itself.

More often than not, your living room is where you entertain family and friends, so with that in mind you want décor to be vibrant and to reflect your personality. Be colour conscious and daring – choose lighting to match your wallpaper.

Embracing the reclamation trend, these caged pendant lights would be the ideal finishing touch for our distressed wooden panel beach hut design. Accentuating the blue tones in the print, the lighting will pick up the glitter sheen adding a sparkle to this shabby chic design.    

Beach Hut Wallpaper & Reclamation's Lamp Living by the sea is a dream for many homeowners, and while we can’t move you closer to the coast, we can certainly make sure you embrace a touch of seaside serenity in your living room décor.

Embrace a little eccentricity

A contemporary twist on a vintage look, exposed lighting certainly makes a statement. The perfect addition to a side table, Edison bulb lamps are a trend that’s here to stay.

Boasting a bright glow, this style of lighting shines as a spotlight, enhancing the details of décor in its direct vicinity. Our luxury exclusive collection oozes sophistication, and exposed lighting helps to bring out the detail and embellishments in the design.

Attention grabbing, and a sure-fire conversation starter, our Pettigo design in white & cream has a beaded finish featuring stunning light-reflecting beads. Perfectly picked up by a strategically placed lamp, a little lighting goes a long way when surrounded by a sumptuous design.

No wallflower, a geometric print is the perfect way to create a sumptuous living room look that stands out for all the right reasons. Embracing a little eccentricity in your home adds character, making your property truly one of a kind.

Pettigo & Jefferson Table Lamp

Be brave with statement designs

Ceiling lighting doesn’t have to be restricted to a simple pendant, and neither does it have to be as elaborate as a crystal chandelier. Statement designs can be sleek and modern, an art installation to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

Playing around with different heights can help bring depth to your living room, adding interest to a space that doesn’t always draw the eye. Deceptively simple designs are best paired with elaborate prints, adding a touch of decadence to your living room.

Keeping things contemporary, our Kilmore Flock design boasts organic pebble shapes through a raised pattern. Showcasing eye-catching metallic embellishments, as well as a luxurious flocked texture, rather than fading into the background this print more than holds its own against statement lighting.

Kilmore Wallpaper & Penchant Light

Where living room lighting ideas are concerned, as with any trend, there are some that you will love and others you won’t be quite so keen to embrace. The most important thing is to find a look that you love, creating a lounge that you can’t wait to enjoy.

Not yet sure where to start? Delve into our guide to colour trends for 2017, helping you to transform your living room with the perfect palette. 

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