Are Llamas The Next Big Thing?


Phil Collins

Here at Inspired Wallpapers, we like to stay ahead of the pack and bring you next season’s must-haves before anybody else.

Last year saw a huge popularity in unicorn-themed wallpapers and decorations. Unicorns were everywhere; from cushions and clothing, to greeting cards and stationary; people couldn’t get enough of them. These sweet fantasy animals have ignited the imagination of girls the world over, in an explosion of bubblegum colours and glittering rainbows.

They are dynamic, powerful and fashionable – really helping to fuel the imagination. Like people, no two are the same; this message of pride in your individualism – no matter how sparkly and shiny – allowed for free-flowing individual styles to take over. 

Unicorns have always inspired the world of fashion and last year that inspiration was taken to a new level. Designers, bloggers and instagrammers all got in on the unicorn craze, creating a whole collection of sub-genre unicorn themed styles:

KAWAII-WANNABE UNICORNS: with the help of cuteness-overload Japanese popculture style, the pinky, sparkly, magical side to unicorns take centre stage

LAID-BACK UNICORNS: this was designed for those who weren’t so crazy about the whole pink and sparkly aspect, but still knew it was an important aspect to their style. Pinks are more subtle and glitter is used more sparingly.

ECCENTRIC UNICORNS: designed for those quirky individuals who want to see a more androgenous unicorn style, with more focus placed on unicorn shapes, i.e horns, with a much darker colour scheme.

SASSY UNICORNS: the personal qualities take centre stage here, after all, you don’t have to wear a horn to channel unicorn power. Glitter, neon and elegance inspire this style.

A year later, and with the unicorn image well-established, people are calling out for something new. A new season means a new era of fashionistas ready to create styles for the individual as well as the home to inspire and excite.

Well, the unicorn is about to be met on stage by the Llama. This fun and quirky animal is already inspiring decorators and stylists with their unique image and huge personalities. Whilst unicorns bring a sense of magicality, Llamas certainly help to bring a smile. They are fun and whimsical- and we love them so much here at Inspired we have included them in our new wallpaper range!

Wallpapers 1

Due to their warm and cuddly appearance, llamas are now taking a leaf out of the unicorn book- by starting to appear on cushions, fabrics, pencil cases and a whole host of other household items. But what was really missing from the llama craze was its very own alpaca-inspired wallpaper, which is why our team have designed the quirky “Drama Llama” papers. 

These llama prints- which come complete with llamas in fancy dress and a host of cheeky llama puns- will not only look good, but will also make you feel good too. Available in bright colours or an earthier tone to create a great feature wall in your home, this paper will never fail to raise a smile to your face!

It’s time for the unicorn to step aside and make way for the new kid in town, because it’s safe to say that 2018 is sure to be the year of the llama.


The range of ‘Drama Llama’ Feature Wallpapers is available in Orange/Teal or Pink/Blue from £14.99 a roll, only here exclusively at Inspired Wallpaper.  

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