Bring a sense of modern opulence into your home with the Luxury Exclusive collection by Vymura



Luxurious, sophisticated and eclectic – three words that suit the gorgeous Luxury Exclusives collection perfectly. There truly is something for everyone in this collection, whether you’re looking to put a stylish and contemporary twist on your interior, or to decorate your home in a beloved, timeless classic design. 

The new look you’ve been craving can be yours in no time. Thanks to our paste-the-wall wallpaper, it’s quick and easy to transform your home and get the interior of your dreams. But you don’t have to sacrifice quality for the sake of ease – all designs have a luxurious look and feel.

The second part to our existing Luxury Exclusive range now features 10 new designs, the collection perfectly blends together two opposing worlds, the new and the old, putting a modern spin on traditional designs with distressed effects and soft embellishments that add depth and character.


Erator Mossy
Delicate raised line detailing on a soft fibrous background, the Erato wallpaper is subtle and stylish. 

Available in two colours, mossy beige and classic vanilla, it is subtle enough to use on all four walls of a room to bring your space to life.

Traces Stripe

Traces Strip Granite wallpaperMatte and sheen effects contrast cleverly in the lightly textured Traces Stripe design for a look that’s smart and refined. Stripes can be used to help walls look longer and smaller spaces appear bigger, so if you’re working with limited space, this wallpaper could be your saviour.

With three unique colours available – wheat, bold brown (beige) and graphite – there’s something to cater for everyone. For those looking for a softer effect, the lighter ends of the spectrum are perfect, while those creating a strong look can opt for the dramatic graphite.


Achelois opal wallpaper

The Achelois wallpaper takes the classic crocodile pattern and gives it a modern twist. The contrasting elements of the matt texture and metallic highlights help to bring the design to life and add another level of depth to the finished effect.

There are three colours available – two neutral shades; Vanilla and Mossy beige, and a deep gorgeous Opal.


Atri sensuous savannah wallpaper

A crisp, modern look can be achieved in an instant with the Atri design. The geometric pattern is refreshingly contemporary and when light catches the metallic lines, an almost 3D look is created.

With three colours to choose from – Sensuous Savannah, Wheat, and Off White – the neutral shades bring a warm and welcoming feel, no matter what room you choose to decorate.


Pada Off white wallpaperA bold, luxurious flock wallpaper that will create a striking look in any contemporary interior. Pada features interlocking criss-cross shapes of velvety, shimmering flock and light-catching metallic touches.  

There are two colours to select from – Gorgeous Granite and Off White – and both are unmistakeably gorgeous.


Capri grand graphite wallpaper-CLThe Capri wallpaper is opulence at its finest. For a touch of luxury that has stood the test of time, look no further than the damask. It features a soft pearlescent background adorned with a stunning beaded damask – a lavish, modern take on the classic design style.

Available in two colours – Magical Musk and Grand Graphite – you certainly can’t go wrong with this damask in your chosen room.




For those who like the best of both worlds, the Khilani design brings a Khilani Frozen Platinum wallpaper-RSmodern shine to a classic pattern that evokes thoughts of wild, untamed woods. The bold leaf pattern stands out from the pearlescent background thanks to the glistening beads that bring depth and character to your walls of choice.

Select Frozen Platinum for a clean crisp finish, or Grand Graphite for a more mysterious look.



CalliopeCalliope Marone wallpaper

The elegant allure of the damask pattern is hard to resist, and those who want a subtle look, will fall head over heels for Calliope. This distressed damask is incredibly discreet, discernible when light catches the contrasting matt and sheen effects in the design.

There are two beautiful colours available: Marone and Barolo.


Tritone mossy wallpaper

For a subtle take on the damask trend, Tritone is both smart and elegant. The metallic shimmers are incredibly understated – that perfect balance of subtle and extravagant – while the distressed background is the contemporary spin many of us crave.

Whether you choose the Mossy natural or Marone palette, the gentle curved lines and soft shimmer put a stamp of grandeur on your home.


Casablanca Aqua wallpaper

Romantics at heart won’t be able to resist Casablanca. Featuring a delicately detailed ornamental damask pattern, the raised effects and subtle metallic highlights will bring a touch of class to your interior scheme.

In four stylish shades; Bold Brown (golden beige), Marvellous Mink, Aqua and Ruby Red


Visit the link to see the full Inspired Luxury Exclusive collection.

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