How To Use Wallpaper To Alter a Room


Phil Collins

One of the best aspects of wallpaper is its ability to change the way a room makes you feel almost instantly. Simply swapping the colour can alter the temperature whilst adopting a pattern can adjust the size of a room without requiring the helping hand of miracle builders. Here is how you can use wallpaper in order to alter certain aspects of a room within your home in regards its dimensions…

Creating Height

If you find that a particular room within your home is lacking when it comes to head height and those on the taller side of the family are just a little bit too close to the ceiling than you would like it, you’ll be overjoyed to hear that you can forge the illusion of a taller space by using wallpaper. This can be done via three elements that may be implemented as one or separately depending on the aesthetic you are hoping to achieve. For example, using a wallpaper that has vertical stripes elongates the walls and make a room feel higher than it is. On the other hand, using a light coloured wallpaper or single block of colour can also help to open up a room.

Reducing Height

On the other hand your problem may be regarding an overwhelming amount of space above your head instead! In this instance, there are decorative measures as well as wallpaper methods that can be put in place to make a ceiling feel much lower. For example, combining two wallpapers and separating them with a border is a perfect solution. A more drastic and experimental solution however involves adding a darker wallpaper than the one you have on your walls to the ceiling.

Creating Width

Rooms that do not offer much in terms of space can feel cramped and uncomfortable however there are ways to fix this once and for all. Just like the methods involved in creating height, wallpapering with a light coloured wallpaper can open up a room and make it feel much wider. In addition to this, you can also chose a plain wallpaper or form a feature wall.

Reducing Space

If you find yourself longing for cosy nights by the fire during the winter but your overly spacious room stops these dreams dead in their tracks, you may be able to benefit from these space-reducing methods! Decorating with a darker wallpaper can pull a room closer together whilst opting for large patterns on the wall makes a room feel very snug.

The days of longing for that perfect room are gone because now you are able to manipulate what you already have in order to ensure it adheres to your desires simply by using wallpaper! For more tips and tricks when it comes to decorating your walls, get in contact with a member of the Inspired Wallpaper team today!

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