Beaded Wallpaper: What Is It And How It Can Add Unique Style to your Home



what is beaded wallpaper

Whether you’re looking to your update your home to add texture and a touch of understated luxury, or you want to add an area of focus with a feature wall, glass beaded wallpaper could be the perfect solution. From your living room, study or dining room to your master bedroom or guest room, beaded wallpaper is an excellent alternative to simple block colour or traditional paper and can bring a room to life.

Read on to find out more about glass beaded wallpaper, including styling tips, advice and ideas….

What is Beaded Wallpaper?

Take a single sheet of beaded wallpaper, and you will find a seemingly infinite number of glass beads, mounted delicately on the surface of the paper. Designed to catch and reflect the light, the paper provides a beautiful sheen that lifts any room.

As a fantastic alternative to basic wall finishes, beaded paper makes a real impact and is brilliantly versatile. Whether spread across the paper or used to create intricate patterns and shapes, each individual bead subtly sparkles. If you’re looking to make a statement or add a little-understated glamour, beaded wallpaper can set your interior styling apart from the rest.

How to style your home with Beaded Wallpaper…

Beaded wallpaper presents a variety of options when it comes to interior design. Whether your style is contemporary and simple, over-the-top and lavish, or somewhere in between, there is a beaded design that will reflect your unique style perfectly.

Capri Graphite wallpaper


For those looking to make a real statement and take a room from flat to bright and bold, consider applying beaded wallpaper throughout your room. We love the Capri Grand Damask Wallpaper (pictured above) to create an opulent feel to dining and living rooms. Apply throughout and compliment with whites, champagnes and pale greys in soft furnishings and finishing touches. The damask print looks contemporary, yet the rich greys add that all important cosy feel and the glass bead print that touch of luxury.

A feature wall is a wonderful way to add some personality to a room and create a focal point. Draw the eye towards your chosen wall with the Carrick Gold Wallpaper in glorious gold. We love this style particularly for bedrooms and living rooms. The soft gold has a calming effect, while the delicate beading draws the eye instantly to the wall.

Let the paper speak for itself and simply accessorise the room with chocolate or grey tones, or add that extra oomph by installing a gold frame mirror and add berry tones with soft furnishings.

Another fantastic way to introduce glittering gold into your home is with the Bantry Gold Floral Wallpaper. The contemporary large floral print is enhanced with thousands of glass beads and will add a feminine finish to any room.

Carrick Choc WallpaperIf you’re looking for something understated yet stylish and striking the Carrick Choc Wallpaper is the perfect option. Ideal for a feature wall, the muted yet warm chocolate tone is calming and soft, while the pearlescent background reflects the light, making the room feel bright and lifted. Make the paper standout by painting adjoining walls white, or create a uniform look by opting for similar tones, allowing the texture and light reflecting elements to draw attention to your feature wall.

Beaded wallpaper offers fantastic design alternatives that regular papers just don’t have. Once you’ve tried them in one room, you’ll be hooked!

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