Gold Wallpaper

Associated with success and prosperity, gold wallpaper instantly brings positive vibes into your home. If you’re on the lookout for something luxurious, Inspired Wallpaper has a host of stunning designs that you’ll fall in love with.

Crown, Coloroll and Vymura all produce fabulous gold wallpaper designs, so you really are spoilt for choice! Black and gold wallpaper has always been particularly popular, and gold also works very well with white. There’s something truly enchanting about the sharp contrast between these colours. If you’re keen to try out the metallic look in your home, why not request a few samples? That way you can get an even better idea of which colours you want to blend together. Whether you go for an intricate motif or a striped design, you can have some fun with gold and really allow your creativity to shine through.
With a rich British heritage, Inspired Wallpaper gives you everything you need to turn your interior design dreams into reality. Order your products before 1pm and you’ll receive next day UK mainland delivery.


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