Green Wallpaper

If you want to bring a sense of balance and harmony to your home, then green wallpaper is definitely the way to go about it. With obvious natural overtones, green makes us feel refreshed and at peace.

Because it’s such a versatile colour, you can create any look that you want. On the one hand you’ve got forest wallpaper, which uses darker greens for a tranquil vibe in your home. You might instead prefer lighter pastel tones that bring a certain freshness to your room. Designed in Britain, our Coloroll, Vymura and Crown wallpapers ooze quality and sophistication.
If you’re torn between a few designs, why not order some samples? This will help you to pick out different colours to complement your green wallpaper. Our mood board feature also enables you to see all of your favourites in one place, ensuring that you select the one that you really love the most. Order your products before 1pm and you’ll receive next day delivery on the UK mainland.


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