Striped Wallpaper

Striped wallpaper doesn’t just look great, it can also completely alter people’s perceptions of your home. Our designs possess almost illusionary powers that can make your room feel differently depending on how you hang them.

Hung vertically or horizontally, stripy wallpaper can make your room feel much bigger than it actually is. Horizontal-striped wallpaper is a modern trend, creating a contemporary vibe that will look fantastic in your home. By opting for wider or thinner stripes, or perhaps selecting a design that features bands of metallic or glitter, you can easily achieve the perfect look. Whatever you choose, one thing is certain; the striped designs that are lovingly created by Coloroll, Vymura and Crown will give your room a sleek and smart finish.
Affordable wall fashion is our forte at Inspired Wallpaper, and we’re proud of our rich British heritage. You can request samples of our striped wallpaper, and any subsequent purchases that you make also come with next day delivery if ordered before 1pm (UK mainland only).


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